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UKCW Online: 5-6 May 2021 | Virtual
UKCW Birmingham: 5-7 October 2021 | NEC
UKCW London: 3-5 May 2022 | ExCeL

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UK Construction Week

What's On

What's On

Roadmap to Recovery Hub

Roadmap to Recovery Hub

Workshops and seminars on how industry can continue to recover from the pandemic, as well as a look at how to adapt to the new normal. The Pandemic has changed the workplace for every sector. Construction was at the forefront of this learning to adapt to social distancing and new ways of working, but there is still much to do to adapt and thrive in a reshaped economy. 

  • What tools can we use in the future to adapt to huge changes in how we work? 
  • What can we do to look after our physical and mental health as we learn to live with Covid19? 
  • How can we use this reset of how we work to be more efficient and improve productivity?
  • Where can we get the required skilled labour? 
  • How will modern methods of construction become more important?
  • How will we cope with BREXIT impacts as we seek to recovery from the pandemic? 


This Hub will be designed for anyone in construction from housebuilder to major contractor, SME builder to architectural practice. 

Infrastructure Pipeline Hub.

Infrastructure Pipeline Hub.

The government has selected infrastructure as a sector that can simulate the economy in the recovery. Major projects in the Infrastructure Projects Authority Pipeline will be highlighted as opportunities for the sector to engage and meet the ambitious targets on sustainable transport, renewable energy, and reshaping the urban landscape in the post pandemic era. 

Seminars and Case Studies will cover flagship infrastructure projects from Tideway to HS2, Hinkley to the ambitious NHS rebuilding programme. This hub will present opportunities for contractors and sub-contractors, as well as provide a platform for local authorities to present local infrastucture plans and proposal as we look to rebuild the UK as part of the road map to recovery. 

This hub will be designed for local authorities, major projects, tier one contractors, sub contractors, and the construction products supply chain. 



New for 2021,  UKCW is excited to have collaborated with MaterialDriven to create the Material Studio, a showcase of 25+ innovative materials with a number of them being shown in the UK for the first time.

The collection will addresses some of the key issues of our time such as sustainability, performance, energy efficiency, waste, health and wellbeing.

MaterialDriven is a design agency and materials library which serves as an interface between the developers of sustainable, new materials and brands or institutions seeking to learn about and apply them. The company’s projects are educational, curatorial and commercial in nature, with a presence in the UK, the US, and Spain.


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