UKCW London: 7-9 May | ExCeL
UKCW Birmingham: 1-3 October | NEC

Exhibitor Product Information

  • Magnetic tuned mass damper is an innovative damper for various heavy construction machinery and processes, e.g. piling and drilling. Depending on the process, it can reduce their emitted noise by up t ...
  • SilentCUBE

    22 Apr 2024
    SilentCUBE® is a retractable noise enclosure for noisy works. It provides 18 dB(A) white noise insertion loss and is therefore suitable for Prescribed Construction Work (PCW). We offer different sizes ...
  • SilentUP

    22 Apr 2024
    SilentUP® helps you silence your construction sites. Its unique features include: Retractable design, making it easy to relocate; Easy installation without the need of a concrete foundation or machine ...
  • The BILCO SKY Flatglass Roof Access Hatch and Skylight with a fixed ladder provides convenient access to roof areas while providing the added benefit of natural daylight.
  • The BILCO TYPE BL-WG industrial Fixed Vertical Ladder with Safety Cage and Guard Rail is available in standard sizes for floor to ceiling heights of 2 - 6m. 
  • Cover Skate

    22 Apr 2024 Howe Green
    The Howe Green Cover Skate is the ingenious way to lift and move heavy floor access covers. 
  • The class-leading Howe Green 7500 Series Medium-Duty Floor Access Covers are suitable for all use with all types of hard floor finishes 

    22 Apr 2024 Profab Access
    For heavy duty applications with a tile and adhesive build depth of up to 25 mm. 
  • INTEGRA 4000 Series Fire Rated Riser Doors

    22 Apr 2024 Profab Access
    The INTEGRA 4000 SERIES FIRE RATED riser door provides permanent, safe and discreet access to electrical and other services located within the riser shaft of the building.
  • VEGA 1500 Series

    22 Apr 2024 Profab Access
    Our concealed riser doors are specified in major construction projects all over the world, and offer stylish and seamless aesthetics with low maintenance and durability. 

    11 Apr 2024 MD
    CURMAX B1 is intended for sealing and strengthening various infrastructures, with high water repellence and reduced absorption, with a glossy/matte texture.

    11 Apr 2024 MD
    CURMAX P is a one-component water-based primer used as a binding element and adhesive between different infrastructures, providing water-resistance for both indoors & outdoors use. 

    11 Apr 2024 MD
     CURMAX CC is suitable for application on fresh concrete as soon as the secreted water disappears when the surface of the concrete is still moist.

    03 Apr 2024
    Portable vibrator with gasoline engine 4 strokes, variable frequency based on RPM from 4000 to 8000. Essential for the vibration of small building structures; vibrators in 6 different diameters (25mm/ ...
  • Drive unit of high power (2300W) in double insulation; PA6+GF15% resistant light and manageable bag, male coupling. Flexible shaft vibrators with rubber hose from 1m. to 6m. in different diameters: 25 ...

    03 Apr 2024
    H Class winding (180°), alternator with permanent magnets. metallic covering protection from, extendend range from 1Kva up to 5 Kva, or ABS housing box from 1Kva up to 2Kva, singlephase or threephases ...
  • WetSuit Prime Mate

    26 Mar 2024 Ahilleas Rokni
    Elevate your waterproofing game with WetSuit® Prime Mate – an acrylic primer for excellent adhesion and plasticiser migration resistance. 
  • WetSuit Trowel & Fibre Trowel

    26 Mar 2024 Ahilleas Rokni
    For targeted waterproofing and patching needs, WetSuit® Trowel and FiberTrowel offer high-viscosity, water-based coatings
  • WetSuit Undercover

    26 Mar 2024 Ahilleas Rokni
    WetSuit® Undercover—a water-based, self-levelling membrane designed exclusively for detailing under or between WetSuit® products. 
  • WetSuit 1-Part

    26 Mar 2024 Ahilleas Rokni
    The WetSuit® 1-Part is a water-based, self-levelling solution that adapts to various applications
  • WetSuit 2-Part

    26 Mar 2024 Ahilleas Rokni
    The WetSuit® 2-Part—a fully self-adhered, cold-spray applied membrane that redefines excellence.
  • Contilink

    26 Mar 2024 Chris ward
    Contilink is a brand new concept for the assembly of reinforcing cages for ground beams and columns. Contilink is a single continuos link around the main rebar reinforcing, which replaces numerous ind ...
  • The Stake Driver

    18 Mar 2024 Ian Holland
    Driving form stakes into an array of challenging ground types is made easy with this game changer for setting up form work. When compared to the traditional way of fixing form-stakes into place (hamme ...
  • ABAX Triplog

    14 Mar 2024 Anna Edwards
    Save time and money with ABAX Triplog, HMRC compliant company car tracking. Easy to use software with over 20 trip reports, real-time tracking and more.

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