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UKCW London 2024 Seminar Programme



07 May 2024
Live Demo Zone
Our demo will involve our spraying machine (120kg), one drum of the WetSuit 2-Part (200kg), and one 20L bucket of catalyst. None of the material is toxic. It is all VOC free and water based. We will use a 230V, 50Hz - 1 Phase, 3HP air compressor to power our spraying machine ( 
We will have pieces of plywood, concrete, and metal sheets that we will spray on. The uniqueness of our product is that it is 80% cured in 3 seconds; also that it can be applied across a range of substrates.   As such, the aim of our demo will be to show (1) how quick and easy it is to set up the machine; (2) how quickly the product cures on any substrate; and (3) that the product is rain-safe as soon as it has been sprayed.

Please find a link to a YouTube video that accurately shows how the product works: 

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