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Siu Mun Li

Siu Mun Li

Head of Temporary Works, Multiplex Construction Europe
I am a visible senior female in a leadership position from an ethnic minority background.  I should be selected to be a UKCW Role Model to continue being a visible positive role model.  I have a passion for people and a drive to leave a positive legacy for other women who are either in or coming into the construction industry.  I am co-chair of the Multiplex UK Women's Network and part of a team who are creating positive and lasting cultural changes with respect to diversity and inclusion. I am a Director of the UK's Temporary Works forum to provide technical expertise in a specialist field of engineering that is often overlooked but critical to all construction projects.  I am an active member of the IOSH Construction Group committee helping to spread temporary works knowledge across the industry globally.  I also volunteer with local schools and colleges to encourage more young people into an industry that I love, dispelling the myth that construction is just dirty boots and mud.
I believe I am a positive role model but how others see you truly tells you how much of an impact your words and actions have so I will finish with a testimonial:
Siu is a special individual who is always ready to help whilst radiating a vibrant positive energy.  Maintaining an upbeat and cheery character despite the everyday stresses that come with her role boosts the morale of the teams around her and never compromises her brilliant ability to execute what needs to be done.  Siu's leadership qualities have had a positive impact on myself and the wider community. She is an outstanding and inspirational leader who has made a significant contribution to the successes of many individuals, this makes her a worthy candidate as a UKCW Role Model.

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