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Olayemi Usman

Olayemi Usman

Cost & Carbon Consultant, Turner & Townsend
Olayemi Usman stands as a brand of excellence within the construction industry, I am renowned for expertise in cost analysis and carbon management, driven by BIM technology. With over five years of immersive experience, I have contributed significantly to numerous projects of global scale, cultivating a profound understanding of the multifaceted intricacies inherent to our field. My unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and climate action has been recognized through my appointment as an ambassador for ZERO, a nonprofit advocacy group in the UK dedicated to fostering climate change awareness and carbon literacy across the globe. Moreover, my contributions have been acknowledged on an international platform, as evidenced by my esteemed recognition as an inspiring speaker at the last BIM Coordinator Summit held in Dublin in 2023. Furthermore, I had the privilege of sharing insights from my career at the last UK Construction Week in Birmingham. Here, I endeavoured to inspire the next generation of professionals, showcasing my dedication to mentorship and knowledge sharing. I deserve to be recognized as a pioneer at the UK Construction Week because I am driven by the opportunity to amplify my visibility within the industry, thus providing a platform to showcase my skill set. Moreover, I have the desire to inspire and mentor young professionals navigating their paths within the realms of cost analysis, carbon management, and BIM technology. In essence, my distinguished track record, coupled with my unwavering dedication to excellence and mentorship, renders me a deserving professional for recognition at the UK Construction Week. This accolade would not only serve as a testament to my achievements but also afford me the opportunity to further inspire and empower future leaders within the construction industry.

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