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Lorna Hagan

Lorna Hagan

Director, ConstructTuition Ltd
Lorna is a pioneering figure in Civil Engineering, serving as a chartered quality professional and Director of ConstructTuition, a company established in 2021 to enhance quality standards and competency in the field through training and consultancy services. Central to her mission is the promotion of STEM education, particularly for underrepresented groups like females. Collaborating with the Construction Industry Training Board in Northern Ireland, she organises engineering activities for schools to foster interest in these disciplines from a young age. Her influence extends beyond education, as seen in her participation in the 2022 Women in Construction Summit, where she shared her experiences as a mother balancing maternity leave with a career in Civil Engineering. In 2023, she was recognised as one of the Top 100 Influencers for women in construction and moderated workshops at major UK construction events as part of her role as an assessor for the Building a Safer Future Charter. Her expertise and business focus on improving construction quality and safety are driven by a deep-seated belief in training the next generation of professionals to ensure the long-term safety of infrastructure projects. Outside of her professional sphere, Lorna's commitment to social responsibility is evident in her voluntary role as a board member of Alpha Housing in Northern Ireland, where she advocates for dignified and supported housing for the elderly. Her dedication to building safety aligns with Alpha Housing's mission, reflecting her broader concern for the well-being of society's most vulnerable members. Lorna's journey embodies hard work, education, and a commitment to making a difference. Her passion for teaching, improving construction practices, and advocating for others drives her forward, as she believes in building a brighter future founded on knowledge, empowerment, and enduring quality. 

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