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Kelly Cartwright

Kelly Cartwright

Owner, Core Recruiter Ltd
Kelly owns a recruitment business within the construction industry that is pre-dominantly male dominated, where only 12% of the workforce is female. She is fully aware that she is challenging the status quo, and no two days are the same, but she thrives on breaking down barriers, and tackling challenges. She has been challenged on construction sites and in meetings about what she could contribute and her understanding of the industry - just because she is female! This does sometimes make her question whether you should be there. It can knock your confidence. But that is where the support comes in; being reminded by your friends/family/network about how good you are. You have to believe in yourself and Kelly definitely does. As the female head of a growing recruitment business, she believes that it is only by people like herself talking about the need for diversity in the construction industry that representation will improve. 'Both men and women think that construction is not an appropriate job for a woman ' and it is interesting that even women think that.. For that reason, they don't explore it as an option,' she says. 'I think that it is important that people like myself are able to stand out there and say: 'Look at me, I have done this. I have managed to run a successful business where I am working on these projects, I have an incredible company that is continuing to scale up. It can be done by a woman.' She always says, 'You can't be, what you can't see!' Kelly is certainly being the person you can see by everything she is doing to promote what an incredible industry construction is.

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