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Erato Mygdaliou

Erato Mygdaliou

Senior Health & Safety Advisor, Joseph Gallagher
In the dynamic field of health and safety, few have transcended the traditional boundaries to redefine what it means to be a true leader and innovator as this nominee has. Her exceptional dedication to integrating mental health and wellbeing into the fabric of workplace safety not only sets her apart but also positions her as an unparalleled role model in her sector. Leading with empathy and a deep-seated belief in the importance of holistic wellness, she has pioneered a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing program within her organization. This initiative, characterized by its innovative strategies and human-centric approach, has revolutionized the company’s health and safety culture, making it more inclusive and attuned to the diverse needs of its workforce. Her foresight in recognizing and addressing the critical role mental health plays in overall workplace safety has not only elevated her organization’s wellness standards but also established new benchmarks for the industry. Her innovative contributions extend beyond program creation to include the successful integration of business processes, standards, and equipment aimed at enhancing employee welfare. Initiatives like the introduction of health checks, mental health strategies, and the achievement of the ISO45003 certification exemplify her commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in health, safety, and wellbeing practices. Moreover, her ability to share knowledge, foster community engagement, and lead by example underscores her role as a beacon of leadership and inspiration. Through her efforts, she has not only improved the lives of those within her organization but has also influenced the broader health and safety community, promoting a culture of wellness that transcends organizational boundaries. This nominee's pioneering spirit, coupled with her tangible impact on health, safety, and wellbeing, exemplifies the essence of a role model, making her eminently deserving of this prestigious nomination. 

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