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Brittany Harris

Brittany Harris

CEO & Co-Founder, Qualis Flow
Brittany is a Civil Engineer turned CEO, transforming the industry using technology, all with the ambition to make construction more sustainable. Brittany’s background has enabled her to lead a team of 50 individuals, working with the latest AI methods to capture on-the-ground data from construction sites in new ways. Her determination to see design and construction transformed is evident in the application of Qflow across multiple continents so far, supporting over 9,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions avoided. Brittany has a vision of an industry which only uses the resources it needs, in the most efficient way possible. In order to work towards this vision, she has needed to raise venture capital, build a best-in-class product, and empower the industry to move towards a data-driven way of working; not an easy feat for an industry which remains one of the most under-digitalised sectors out there. She continues to advocate for a more circular economy, decarbonisation, and data-driven design and development, speaking at multiple events and conferences internationally; she is known in networks around the world, and has helped encourage and inspire others around her. As someone who has known and worked alongside her for a number of years, Brittany continues to be an inspiration to me personally every day. Where others see glass ceilings, Brittany sees opportunity to smash the glass and start again, opening up new heights which others would not be willing to go. Her sheer ambition and bravery has led us to create a product which we believe will help unlock the circular economy potential of the future, and she has done so in just a couple of years. I look forward to what the next few years hold, and believe that construction is in a better place through the contributions of her efforts so far.

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