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  • In 2019 Leon Boots Co were awarded "Most Outstanding in Construction Footwear" in the 2019 DESIGN & BUILD UK AWARDS.
  • Best Niche Safety Distribution Firm 2020 - UK

    21 Jun 2021 Charlie Burgess
    To start the year off with a bang... Leon Boots Co were awarded "Best Niche Safety Distribution Firm 2020 - UK" at the DESIGN & BUILD AWARDS 2021.  
  • CEMEX continues to lead the market for sustainable construction solutions with the launch of its next generation Vertua® admixtures range.
  • Mannok has been recognised on both sides of the Irish Sea for their achievements in innovation, products and service, and environmental leadership.
  • Composites UK has complied its annual health and safety report, with the 2020 edition now published.
  • COINS have launched a powerful construction solution, COINS Subcontract Controller, which digitises the application for payment, valuation, variation and certification process.
  • The KANapp brings a fresh and innovative approach to workplace mental health. KAN systemises and embeds an organisation-wide drive towards healthy emotional habits, and a KAN Do Attitude.
  • Mental Health is normally lumped into the space that is occupied by Health & Safety.
  • Solutions for production capacity

    28 May 2021 PCS & Casadei Industria ProCompositeTech
    Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech: CNC Panel Routing with Automatic Handling, Multipurpose Edge Processing and Cassette Folding Solutions 
  • While it’s well known that screws provide a tighter grip power by pulling the boards together, fitting 6mm plywood to underlay has long presented a dilemma. The conventional 25mm timber screws used to ...
  • MBA Consulting Engineers

    26 May 2021 MBA Consulting Engineers Ltd
    Every sphere of business in the UK has had to adapt in the last 12 months by either diversifying what they offer or examining their supply chain to fulfil market demand. 

    26 May 2021 ERSOY MACIT
    Our company in the UK, Silver Greentech Air Systems Ltd. We have the Trademark Registration Certificate of our brand in that country.
  • Fernham Homes have been utilising Housebuilder Pro software since October 2020 and is, so far, the fastest new home builder to join us from the point of initial enquiry - signing up within 7 days.
  • Vertua net-zero concrete conquers the world
  • Testimonial

    14 Apr 2021 Hannah Nicholls
    Attended the online training course for DEA and PAS 2035 Retrofit Assesor in 2021. Definitely would recommend this course.
  • Tackling the housing crisis is a priority for all local authorities, but in the West and South West of England public sector housing represents the fastest growing area of construction, with Bristol C ...
  • Fire protection solutions manufacturer, Advanced, has launched EvacGo, its evacuation alert system designed to meet the recommendations of BS 8629:2019.
  • ROMO HQ (Nottinghamshire)

    01 Mar 2021 Paul Leivers
    PML were the Construction Managers providing all required resources, managing the trade contractors and the project for our Client Romo. The completed scheme consolidated the ROMO business into one he ...
  • Case Study - SONAS BATHROOMS

    31 Jan 2021 Craig Mulcahy
    Sonas Bathrooms CEO Richard Sloan challenged ConstructionBOS with coming up with an easy-to-use solution to integrate his construction data subscription with a CRM.    
  • In part 2 of our HS2 series, specialists at DLL share their perspectives on how HS2 suppliers in diverse sectors can efficiently access the diverse equipment they need.
  • Case Study - CARLOW CONCRETE

    20 Nov 2020 Craig Mulcahy
    Carlow Concrete needed an end-to-end scalable CRM system that would allow them to manage demand on their rapidly growing business all on one platform.
  • How can financing companies play their part in keeping HS2 on track? Specialists at DLL financial solutions share their perspectives based on financing assets for Construction worldwide.
  • CEMEX announced the launch of the Vertua® low carbon concrete range of products, which is designed to offset residual CO2 and provide a CarbonNeutral® concrete product.  
  • Bournville Village Trust is a charity and community-based housing organisation working in Birmingham and Shropshire whose mission is creating and sustaining communities where people can thrive. It has ...

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