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    Stand: OS400
    Rapid construction, the smart way. The FRAMECAD end-to-end design and manufacturing system helps you deliver large-scale Light Gauged Steel (LGS) construction projects faster. FRAMECAD’s automated engineering and detailing software integrates with our world-le ...
  • GreenRaft Ltd

    Stand: OS220
    Trailblazing approach to creating quality foundations by eradicating thermal bridging. Speed and efficiency of build is fundamental to our principles, but we still tailor each design individually. Our approach to each design is collaborative with client, archi ...
  • Hahn Plastics

    Stand: OS200
    Wood rots, concrete and steel are heavy and require specialist equipment, whereas our material can be installed with standard tools. Hanit® 100% recycled plastic is a sustainable, robust, weather-proof and maintenance free solution, ideal for applications expo ...
  • KOPE

    Stand: OS322
    KOPE is the platform for offsite construction. KOPE instantly applies real-world products and systems directly to design models, allowing the worlds of design and manufacturing to come together as one, thus saving considerable time and effort when designing an ...
  • Sevenoaks Modular Ltd

    Stand: OS210
    For almost 30 years, Sevenoaks Modular have been a market leader in the consultation, design, manufacture and erection of timber frame structures. Sevenoaks Modular offer a variety of build solutions including standard Timber Frame, 2D Panelised Modular, 3D Fu ...
  • Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA)

    Stand: OS324
    We are the voice of the modular industry Founded in 1938, the MPBA play a key role in connecting all sectors of the modular and portable building industry together. Regardless of the size and type of business. By becoming an MPBA member you will join an Associ ...

    Stand: F430
    Founded in 2003 BUILDOFFSITE continues to promote, support, and lobby for greater adoption of offsite & pre-manufactured solutions for the built environment. Working with our membership, government, key industry stakeholders & partners, we seek to deliver perm ...

    Stand: OS102
    Betonblock®: the solution for casting concrete blocks For over 15 years, Betonblock® has been the market leader in steel concrete moulds for anything from concrete blocks, concrete slabs and concrete barriers to concrete retaining walls and concrete tetrapods. ...
  • Bemeta Design

    Stand: OS224
    Since 2004 we have been producing unique bathroom accessories that have found their way from South Moravia to more then 18 countries around the world. Our products are designed to be simple, attractive and timeless, according to the current market trends. We w ...

    Stand: OS224
    The COMAX ROOFS® offers solutions for the construction and refurbishment of pitched roofs with a comprehensive range of bent elements. We supply all roof flashings based on the building documentation or according to the contractor's specifications. We provide ...
  • Fortemix

    Stand: OS224
    FORTEMIX LTD (UK) is a proud member of the European Fortemix group, established in 1991. With a team of over 100 employees, we serve customers in more than 45 countries, generating an impressive turnover of over £10 million. Our comprehensive product portfolio ...
  • Autodesk

    Stand: OS202
    Autodesk is a global leader in software solutions for the construction industry, providing innovative technology to streamline project design, visualization, and simulation in 3D. Autodesk's software suite offers a wide range of products and services, all desi ...
  • Sano

    Stand: F420
    At Sano we believe everyone deserves a healthy inspirational living environment. We are focused on innovation and challenging convention on how we build, live and upgrade our homes. With our M-DOCK Combination Construction System we're-thinking the build phase ...
  • Sips Eco Panels

    Stand: Z99
    SIPs Eco is the Largest Award Winning Premier Independent SIP Home Manufacturue in the UK. 
  • The Offsite Guide

    Stand: OS408
    The Offsite Guide is a B2B marketplace and trade directory for exploring offsite & MMC solutions and connecting with specialist manufacturers & suppliers. It is also a platform for promoting sustainability and efficiency within the construction industry, by in ...

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