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09 Apr 2024

WetSuit 2 Part

Ultima Coatings Stand: B360
WetSuit 2 Part
WetSuit 2-Part on Metal Roof
WetSuit 2 Part

Dive into the future of waterproofing with WetSuit® 2 PART—a fully self-adhered, cold-spray applied membrane that redefines excellence. Versatile for above and below-grade applications, this liquid membrane offers a custom and precise solution, empowering architectural freedom and simplifying application.

The WetSuit 2-Part has an excellent fire rating, 2124% elongation, hurricane force wind uplift resistance, severe hail resistance, and can resist ponding water indefinitely. It can achieve any mm thickness in a single pass for a custom and precise membrane. The WetSuit 2-Part comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years. Our approved applicators are given expert training and are provided with professional technical support.

The WetSuit 2-Part is water-based; it has no VOC, and its non-flammable features eliminate job hazards, providing a safer alternative to traditional methods. Its lightweight nature reduces the need to tear off existing roofs, minimising installation costs and environmental impact.

Pressure washing is often the only surface preparation needed, streamlining the installation process; and it is 80% cured and rain-safe in 3 seconds thanks to our specially patented Instant-Set technology. A three-man crew can achieve 150sqm/hour.

It can be used in a range of applications, from roofing and waterproofing (below-grade waterproofing, too), to asbestos encapsulation and working as a gas barrier.
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