UKCW Birmingham: 1-3 October 2024 | NEC
UKCW London: 6-8 May 2025 | ExCeL

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VapourTX® Range

VapourTX® Range
High Resistance Vapour Control Layers

VapourTX® Vapour Control Layers (VCL) are high-resistance vapour barriers designed to reduce water vapour transfer through the building or structure when placed on the warm side of the insulation. VapourTX® VCL products are ideal for various construction applications, including walls, ceilings and floors. The VapourTX® family includes VapourTX® Thermo, which boasts a highly reflective aluminum foil and excels in creating a low emissivity environment when faced with unventilated airspace. From timber and steel frames to modular and masonry build-ups, when VapourTX® Thermo is positioned on the warm side of the insulation acts as an airtight barrier, reducing the risk of condensation buildup and ensuring compliance with BS5250 standards. For optimal thermal efficiency, it can be paired with Reflectashield®.


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