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11 Mar 2024

Performance Plywood®

Hanson Plywood Ltd Stand: B519
Performance Plywood®

Have you ever wondered why Marine Plywood is referred to in construction applications?

The answer is that this description has simply been used in the belief that the product will be a higher quality of plywood and will be suitable for application. Marine Grade Plywood compliant with the standard BS 1088 was not originally intended for construction applications, as the name suggests, it was produced for the boat/shipbuilding industry.

In today’s world the availability of legal and sustainable hardwoods to produce Marine Grade Plywood is very limited, which makes the product relatively expensive to produce.

Construction specifications should be satisfied with products that are fit-for-purpose taking into account the application and the particular performance criteria required. With this in mind, Hanson Plywood have worked to develop and present a product that is specifically intended for the construction industry and offers full technical and environmental classifications.

Performance Plywood® is the result of this work and is a reliably branded hardwood plywood produced specifically for construction applications. It is CE marked and tested to meet EN 636 Use Class 3 thus making it suitable for use as structural components in exterior conditions. The product carries FSC® chain of custody and is FLEGT licenced to verify legality under the UK Timber Regulation (UKTR).




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