UKCW Birmingham: 1-3 October 2024 | NEC
UKCW London: 6-8 May 2025 | ExCeL

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MultiTX® Solar

MultiTX® Solar
The UK Answer to Solar Roof Requirements

Use Multi TX Solar for roofs with integrated solar panels. Designed for use in roofs with Integrated Solar Panels, it helps to remove the requirement for Counter Battens.

MultiTX®Solar is a high-resistance air and vapour barrier underlay designed as a modern, cost-effective and lightweight alternative to traditional bituminous-based felts. It can be used in conventional ventilated pitched roof construction of both cold and warm roofs.

When tightly sealed outer layers are applied with a low resistance membrane, there arises a risk of interstitial condensation forming on the underside of the underlay and external covering. To mitigate this risk, BS 5250 recommends the use of a ventilated batten space with counter-battens.  As of January 1st, 2024, the NHBC standard introduced an additional guideline in their documentation, Section 7.2.26, titled “Solar Roof Panels.” This new section addresses various aspects. Essentially, the requirement for a ventilated batten space with counter-battens, as outlined in previous regulations, now extends to integrated solar panels.

Introducing MultiTX Solar as a High-resistance membrane, a lightweight alternative to more traditional bitumen-based high-resistance membranes, eliminates the need for a counter batten and continues to keep in line with building regulations.


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