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14 Mar 2024

ABAX Worksite

Abax UK Ltd Stand: DC246
ABAX Worksite
Simplify operations and automate the daily management of your machine fleet - no matter where you are. Our easy to use machinery monitoring system tracks positions, operating hours, fuel levels, utilisation rates, and maximises productivity and profitability in your projects.

All this is included:

  • Automatic maintenance planning

    Avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs. With ABAX Worksite, you receive automatic reminders when it's time for service and maintenance of your equipment. By scheduling service intervals based on actual usage, you eliminate unnecessary downtime while keeping your equipment in top condition!

  • Activity alerts

    Theft and unauthorised use of plant and machinery are expensive and frustrating realities for many businesses. With ABAX's smart alarm system, you receive notifications if your equipment is moved or used outside a predefined area. You can stay informed, even when you're not on-site.

  • User-friendly reports

    Enhance the efficiency and equipment utilisation with our comprehensive reports. Gain insights into usage hours and fuel consumption. Make informed, sustainable and profitable decisions with our expanded CO₂ report.

  • Geofence

    Define virtual enclosures around areas such as construction sites or warehouses. The system monitors the area in real-time and sends notifications if plant leave the defined area without permission. Get an overview of how your equipment is used by tracking time and operating hours per machine and location.

  • Time tracking system

    Easily control the billing, pricing, and resource allocation by measuring and controlling the utilisation of machines. With up to three measuring points, our system gives you a clear picture of the actual usage, including weekend reporting. Use your equipment where it's needed most and avoid unnecessary idling.


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