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14 Mar 2024

ABAX Smart Inventory

Abax UK Ltd Stand: DC246
ABAX Smart Inventory
Ensure your vehicles are always properly equipped and prepared for the next task. Tracking tools is easy with ABAX's automated inventory system, you'll have full visibility of where your tools are and in which vehicle.

All this is included:

  • Tracker

    Don’t waste time searching for misplaced tools. Attach our tracker to important equipment and simply track their location in the app. The compact and sleek tracker is perfect for all types of tools - even the smallest.


    Inventory management

    Keep track of your tool inventory and which vehicle they are located in. Our system creates a tool inventory within your vehicles, and alerts both drivers and administrators if anything is missing from the vehicle before departure.



    A flexible tool inventory

    Avoid unnecessary weight and transportation by optimising your equipment for each project. Create dynamic inventories in your vehicles by assigning up to 20 tools or machines per vehicle.





    With ABAX Geofence, you can set up and define virtual enclosures around areas such as construction sites or warehouses. The system monitors the area in real time and sends notifications when tools or equipment enter or leave the defined area.


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