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14 Mar 2024

ABAX Fleet

Abax UK Ltd Stand: DC246
ABAX Fleet
Manage your vehicles with our fleet management software for better control and profitability. Get an overview of positions and driving routes in real-time, document mileage logs, generate user-friendly reports, and streamline your fleet operations with data-driven insights.

All this is included:

  • Digital mileage log

    Avoid the administration of manual mileage logs to save time and money. ABAX's digital mileage log is easy to use and suitable for all types of vehicles, in line with HMRC tax legislation.

  • Real-time maps and driving routes

    Our GPS fleet trackers link directly to our fleet management software: the ABAX app. Here you’ll find real-time maps, so you can see where all vehicles are located. Making it easy to match drivers with assignments and choose the fastest route. Track stolen vehicles, view travel history and receive notifications when one of your vehicles is in motion.

  • Geofence

    Enhance security and control with geofences. With ABAX Geofence, you can set up and define virtual enclosures around areas such as construction sites or warehouses. Our fleet management software monitors the area in real-time and sends notifications when machinery, vehicles, or tools enter or leave the defined area.

  • User-friendly reports

    After over 20 years in the industry, we know the information our customers need to optimise their operations. ABAX Fleet gives you access to over 20 different reports that provide valuable insights into your vehicles and driving behaviours. All reports can be automated and are built in the same simple way - if you can do one, you can do them all.

    A selection of ABAX Fleet reports:

    • Status report: Key data for each vehicle

    • Travel report: Trips per vehicle, department, and employee

    • Travel overview: Trips for work or personal purposes

    • Distance report (vehicles): Mileage, distance, number of trips, duration

    • Private use: Mileage and duration for employees' private trips

    • Tax for private use: Number of trips, taxable rates, road tolls, and total taxable amount for employees

    • Submitted mileage log status: Overview of submitted travel reports per driver

  • Driving behaviour analysis

    By improving driving habits, you can reduce fuel costs, service needs, accidents, and environmental impact. We use real-time data to provide insights into your employees' driving behaviours. Setting the foundation for increased safety and efficiency in your operations.


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