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25 Mar 2024



Utilising Data on Planned Retail Openings for Competitive Intelligence

In the realm of retail, staying ahead of the competition is paramount. Barbour ABI’s Built Environment dataset emerges as a vital asset for retailers, furnishing a comprehensive overview of forthcoming retail openings across the UK. This data proves instrumental in shaping competitor intelligence strategies, empowering businesses to proactively adapt and excel in their markets.

Anticipating the Where and When of new store openings enables retailers to fine-tune their strategies accordingly. Whether it involves intensifying marketing endeavours, scouting fresh expansion locales, or refining product offerings to cater to evolving customer demographics influenced by these openings, proactive adjustments can significantly bolster a retailer’s competitive standing amidst a dynamic marketplace.


Understanding Store Coverage: A Dual Perspective

Access to Barbour ABI’s dataset affords retailers not only insights into their own store coverage but also comparative analysis against competitors. This dual perspective is pivotal for strategic planning, unveiling avenues for growth and potential vulnerabilities.

For instance, aggressive expansion by a competitor in regions where a retailer has limited presence may signal the imperative for new store launches or enhancements to safeguard market share. Conversely, identifying areas underrepresented by competitors unveils lucrative expansion prospects.


Assessing Impact on the Retail Landscape

The dataset facilitates the analysis of how planned openings will influence the existing retail landscape. This analysis is pivotal for gauging market saturation, understanding consumer preferences, and predicting shifts in brand loyalty.

By evaluating how new stores might reshape competitive dynamics in specific areas, retailers can make informed decisions regarding site selection, store size, and format. Additionally, this analysis aids in tailoring offerings to suit local customer needs, thus augmenting satisfaction and loyalty.


Integrating Housing Developments for Strategic Advantage

Barbour ABI’s dataset includes information on planned housing developments, offering retailers a unique opportunity to integrate this data into their strategic planning processes. This integration enables retailers to position themselves advantageously in burgeoning markets ahead of time.

Early identification of emerging areas facilitates strategic site selection, optimized store layout planning, and establishment of supply chain logistics well in advance of market saturation. This proactive approach not only secures a competitive edge but also aligns retail expansion efforts with demographic and economic growth trends, enhancing long-term profitability.

Leveraging Barbour ABI’s dataset empowers retailers to navigate the intricate UK retail landscape with confidence and strategic acumen. This approach not only sustains competitiveness but also unveils fresh avenues for growth and expansion in an ever-evolving retail sphere.


Using retail construction data is an exciting glimpse at how data can transform businesses across the UK supporting them in their strategic objectives. Barbour ABI will be hosting a session carrying on what is discussed here on the Barbour ABI Stage: 'Weaponising Planning Data'. The session itself will be focused on how retailers are using the data it is a demonstration on how our data can be leveraged to the advantage of those using it.

Don't miss it at 12:30pm on the 8th May, led by Ed Griffiths, Head of Business & Client Analytics, and Robert Baker, Senior Data Analyst.

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