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Whats bugging you?

Kirstie Cooper
Dont let them win!

What’s bugging you?


With the launch of Bond It’s new 3 in 1 Wood Treatment in to their Drive Alive Range of products, you certainly won’t be bothered by woodworm or termites.

A ready to use, 3 in 1 microemulsion universal wood preserver that kills active woodworm and termites, 3 in 1 Wood Treatment protects against re-infestation and wood rot.

This latest addition to the company’s Drive Alive range of surface treatments, not only boasts zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), but is water-based, non-flammable and quick drying. Based on a combination of fungicide and insecticide formulations it effectively eradicates and prevents attack by wood boring insects and wood rotting fungi.

Supplied ready to use in an eye catching 5 Litre metal tin, it is also certified to European and British Industry standards.


Commenting on the subject of new products, Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager, said: “Bond It continue to focus on developing more products to compliment our existing range and we felt this was a good fit with the treatments from our Drive Alive range currently on the market. We felt now, during the summer months, was the perfect time to launch this new addition as woodworm is most active between May and October. This is a fabulous DIY product for anyone concerned about wood infestations!”

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