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Training landmark in Rawlplug's centenary year

16 Jul 2019
Rawlplug Academy & Training Centre
Rawlplug Academy & Training Centre

The impressive 1,000m2 facility, located on the outskirts of Reading, UK. bears all the hallmarks, not just of a very substantial investment but also meticulous thought and planning. 
As Rawlplug UK Managing Director Pietro Grandesso explained in his own welcome: "lt is no coincidence we are opening our education and training centre in the year of Rawlplug's one hundredth anniversary. Rawlplug has been an expert in fixings, fasteners and tools for 100 years and my team and I are genuinely proud we have been able to continue this remarkable history." 
To some laughter from guests who know him well, Pietro added: "You know I have seen a few fixings companies in my life. In my opinion this is the best academy and training centre any manufacturer has ever established outside of its head office.􀀯 
He defined the objectives of the Rawlplug Academy. "We created this centre to share knowledge and best practices, to solve our customers problems and the challenges the industry poses for them, to give them effective advice. We have built it to broaden the horizon and show new skills, to educate effectively, to teach both the theory and its practical applications, so that each person leaving here will be able to say, 'I am an expert'." 
Invited guests were guided through the entire facility, starting with the seminar area, surrounded by examples of Rawlplug's colour-coded Point of Sale system, in addition to the reception area where there was a visual timeline of Rawlplug's 100 year heritage in fasteners, fixings and tools. 
A second area is dedicated to demonstrating Rawlplug's technical services. You might say nothing new in one sense, since Rawlplug first launched technical advisory services in 1930s. These, however, are graphically different in terms of the technology both behind the calculations and del.ivering the results. 

Academy manager, Marcin Gorzala, explained how trainees with theoretical learning through an advanced e-learning system, structured into eight different product groups at three distinct technical levels, and supported by a massive library of animations and application videos. The system will also be available for self-learning, and incorporates a pre-training assessment of current knowledge plus post-module tests to confirm comprehension. All trainees will receive Rawlplug certifications of completion. 
The rear three-quarters of the site are dedicated to hands-on training. As well as the obligatory reinforced concrete blocks for pull-out testing and demonstrations, this includes eight special vertical frames. These can accommodate a wide range of different substrates, set-up depending on the training requirement. 
Between the theoretical and practical zones, however, is an educational stage developed from Rawlplug's own training experience. Boards comprising product information including sizes and variations, also feature application images and physical samples of the products. The objective, Marcin explained during an exclusive facility preview for this Magazine, is to reinforce retention of the theoretical knowledge already delivered and provide an effective transition to hands-on training. Technology again plays a key reinforcement role during practical training, in the guise of an overhead screen running animation and videos of processes and applications. 
The practical training area also includes a long run of merchandiser boards, so customers can experiment and learn how to develop optimal product layouts. 
Finally, guests were introduced to the RawlTruck, celebrating the 100 year anniversary and destined to clock up some 30,000km a.round Europe this year. 
Again, in one sense, nothing new: Raw!plug first put a travelling showroom on the road in 1933. However, this is a beast of quite another level of scale and technology; an extraordinary mobile facility reflecting the three Rawlplug commitments to professional products, services and education. 

To read more on the interview with Radoslaw Koelner (CEO) Rawlplug, go to July 2019 edition.

The Rawlplug Academy® 
& Training Centre near London, 
is one of the inherent components of our unique development programme. 
It is intended for those who are or wish to become construction professionals. We have created this place to share knowl­edge and best practices, solve problems experienced by our customers and advise them effectively. 
It is there to broaden horizons and explore new possibilities, to provide you with efficient training and necessary the­ory as well as opportunities to put them into practice, to give you the certainty of being a true expert as you walk out of our Training Centre. 
To find out more, contact us below. 

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