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Meet the Kent Based Business Leading On Sustainability

20 Apr 2022
Frances Henderson

Edenbridge company, Bee Conservation is leading the way on improving biodiversity in local areas across the UK, showing businesses a unique way to channel their commitments to sustainability. The company hopes to bridge the gap between the corporate business world and environmental improvement in local areas by encouraging businesses to rent a hive for their office space. Their hives help increase workplace wellbeing by bringing nature into the workspace and can help improve biodiversity in the surrounding area up to three miles away from the hive. 


Bees as pollinators are crucial in helping maintain our ecosystem but as global temperatures rise, bees are facing extinction. Currently, more than a third of insect species are endangered but supporting bees and other pollinators will help avoid climate breakdown. Bee Conservation’s hive installations are a solution, with bees improving the amount of plant and insect life in the area. 


CEO, Thalia White has spent much of her life in the Kent countryside and has a passion for beekeeping. After a long, successful career in sales and after the birth of her son, she founded Bee Conservation in 2017 in an attempt to merge her love for nature with a business model that can make a real difference. 


Talking about her business, Thalia says “We want to work with businesses to help them start to move towards a more sustainable business model but also want to educate people in the process. It is important that businesses understand how important pollinators are to our world and what their role is in tackling climate change.”


If a company rents a hive from Bee Conservation, Thalia will take a hive out to the office space and will manage it throughout the year to produce a personalised supply of honey for the company. 


As well as supporting vital pollination, Bee Conservation offers state of the art biome and testing services that help monitor the environment and air quality in the surrounding area. These tests can identify harmful pollutants including heavy metals, chemicals, and even diseases that may impact human health. This type of testing may become crucial in helping prevent the spread of infectious disease. 


Partnering with Bee Conservation is an opportunity for businesses to contribute to creating a better world. A hive can contain up to 50,000 bees that can each pollinate up to three miles away every day which helps local farmers produce crops and helps flowers and plants grow. 


Thalia says, “With Bee Conservation, your company can make a real difference. Often, sustainable businesses turn out to be examples of greenwashing but with our business, you can tangibly see your impact on the local environment and know that we are a company truly committed to mitigating climate change.” 


And with the rise in global temperatures and the threat to species like the honeybee, it is down to all of us to reduce the impact of climate change, especially corporations and businesses. 


Contact Bee Conservation now to find out more or email  


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