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09 May 2019

Learning to Breathe…

Learning to Breathe…
Shane Leather CPD Course

Domus Ventilation, part of the Polypipe group, has announced a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited course on “Residential Ventilation Principles and Best Practice”.


The CIBSE accredited course from Domus Ventilation focuses on the importance of ventilation in the residential new build industry, in line with Part F of the Building Regulations.  The aim of the short course is to clearly explain why ventilation is so important, not only for the health of the occupant but also for the fabric of the building.  Topics covered include why ventilation is necessary; the types of ventilation available, along with supporting ductwork and installation practices; and the pertinent regulations / directives.  Participants will come away with an understanding of what needs to be considered when specifying a ventilation system at the appropriate project stage.


The new “Residential Ventilation Principles and Best Practice” CPD accredited course has been written by Shane Leather, Domus Ventilations’ recently appointed National Specification Sales Manager.  Shane has enjoyed 23 years’ experience working across the breadth of the HVAC sector, making his knowledge and expertise invaluable.


Shane’s appointment to this post and the new CPD course forms part of Domus Ventilation’s well structured strategy to return to the specification sector following the launch of a range of high performance mechanical ventilation systems over the past year.  These include the HRXE Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) range of units and the high energy-efficient CMX Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) units which boast the best Specific Fan Power (SFP) on the market.  Supporting the re-entry into the specification sector, Domus Ventilation’s in-house Technical Department is providing free technical and design services, all products have been uploaded to the BIM library and a new 108 page Specification Guide has been released.


The Domus Ventilation “Residential Ventilation Principles and Best Practice” CPD course runs between 45-60 minutes, and can be conducted on a customer’s premises or at one of Domus Ventilation’s two training centres.  To book a course, contact Shane Leather on 07970 676623 or email



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