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Lanark Golf Club

William Holley
Artifical Grass Tiles

The existing pathway, which was finished with a rubber topped concrete tile, was causing several problems. Shots were regularly landing directly on the path and the impact was too severe causing the ball often to bounce unfairly through the green. Also the smooth surface on the existing tiles was causing balls to run excessively to the left of the green following the natural slope of the path. Lastly the existing path was not particularly suitable to play shots off or to run balls across.

We worked together to identify the 45mm thick Grassflex Play tiles as a suitable replacement. Testing indicated that the impact of the ball landing directly on the tile was far more comparable to turf than the previous solution, this was due to a combination of natural compression offered by the 45mm thick rubber and the drainage channels underside offering further absorption through the air pockets created. The top surface of the Grassflex Play tile also improved the absorption as well as providing a suitable surface to play a chip shot from and to roll a ball across, the grain of the grass also removed the issue of the ball running excessively to the left.

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