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Is Mental Health just a tick box ticking exercise?

07 Jun 2021
Kate Ashley-Norman
Is mental health a tick box ticking exercise?
Mental Health is normally lumped into the space that is occupied by Health & Safety.

It is, but it shouldn’t be.

Mental Health is normally lumped into the space that is occupied by Health & Safety.

Or is it HR?

Claims made against a company by an employee with a mental health diagnosis usually comes under the umbrella of discrimination.

The burden of proof falls on the company to demonstrate that the working environment is a mental health friendly place.

The difference with physical health and safety is that there is a definite division between home and work.

With mental health issues, personal issues can leak into the workplace, for which the company needs to take account – particularly if that individual’s performance is suffering as a result.

The problem is, the company may not be aware of those personal issues, is not informed of them, and therefore does not know that they need to be taken into account.

KAN is a proactive approach to giving you employees every opportunity to build emotional strength and resilience.

It is available to, and accessible by, every single individual within an organisation.

Every single individual has the daily opportunity to tap into a wealth of powerful training designed to teach them everything they need to know to lift and build emotional strength and resilience.

Over time, it will also lift the emotional wellbeing of your workforce – both individually and collectively – creating a permanent and deeply embedded cultural shift.

That is a very big box ticked.

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