08–10 OCTOBER 2019 | NEC | BIRMINGHAM News

DuraPost by Birkdale launches New Composite Panel

Birkdale, the UK’s leading manufacturer of gate and fencing accessories, has added the new Urban Slatted Composite Panel to its popular DuraPost range. The panel mimics the appearance of timber and offers a modern and maintenance free option. Crucially, the new panel also means customers can now purchase everything they need to complete a fencing installation from the DuraPost range.

Developed with a focus on style and aesthetics, the Urban Slatted Composite Panel achieves the ideal balance between the beauty and character of timber and the high performance of a modern, composite system. The panels are available in three different colours – Grey, Natural and Brown – and can be fitted both vertically and horizontally, offering design flexibility to complement any garden space.

The product consists of six boards and two horizontal u-shaped rails at the top and base of the panel. The boards are manufactured from a combination of materials including rice husks – a natural bi-product material from the rice industry - which accounts for 55% of the panel. Recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene), is also incorporated into the design, resulting in a sustainable solution.

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