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CST Pharma - Pharmaceutical Warehouse Cooling

19 Jul 2021
Emma Beresford
Pharmaceutical Warehouse Cooling
The challenge: CST Pharma was looking to start storing medicinal products in its Aldridge-based warehouse. The storage of these types of products meant that the warehouse needed to adhere to the MHRA temperature regulations. In line with this, CST Pharma needed a facility that would keep the maximum temperature below 25C. In previous years, the warehouse had regularly seen temperatures of over 30C at high levels, which meant that the storage of medicinal products on the top levels of racking would not be possible. To ensure its facility could achieve compliant conditions throughout, CST Pharma needed to find a suitable temperature control solution.

The solution

CST Pharma needed to find a company that was experienced in installations for pharmaceutical storage facilities. Another consideration for CST Pharma was the carbon footprint of the system.

When CST Pharma found EcoCooling installer, Celsius Design, it was impressed with the company’s industry expertise and environmentally friendly solutions. Celsius’s knowledgeable team worked with CST Pharma to design a suitable temperature control system that incorporated EcoCooling’s low energy, evaporative cooling technology.

The resulting system consisted of four EcoCooling units that were each controlled from zonal panels.

The control system installed was fully programmable to allow the systems to be set at different temperatures at different times. This enabled CST Pharma to make use of overnight free cooling (ventilation only) during the summer months, which helps to keep temperatures below 25C. What’s more, this ensures that running costs are kept down to a minimum.

The EcoCooling units were installed by Celsius during normal working hours with no site downtime and minimal disruption.

The result

CST Pharma’s warehouse was fitted with a system that enabled it to store medicinal products within the required regulatory temperatures. This ensured that the company’s expansion into medical product storage at its Aldridge warehouse was a success, enabling them to offer the service to its customers. Being a low energy solution, CST Pharma also saved on both the installation and running costs compared to traditional refrigerant solutions.

Business benefits


Suitable conditions for the storage of pharmaceutical products


An environmentally friendly solution that helps minimise the company’s carbon footprint


A cost-effective system that will help ensure maximum return on this new product range

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