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Case Study with IPS: Establishing new market loyalty

27 Sep 2021
British Board of Agrement & IPS
Integrated Polymer Systems (UK) Ltd (IPS) have throughout their distribution partnership with Imper Italia SpA relied on the BBA Certificate in order to support the credibility of the product range they distribute.


In 1997 Imper Italia SpA obtained their BBA Agrement Certification to support their product Rubberfuse. This Certification assisted IPS to distribute to customers throughout the UK and beyond with the knowledge and proof that the product had undergone rigorous testing including: fire testing, weathertightness, wind uplift, resistance to mechanical damage as well as the durability of the product. IPS have now received confirmation of their own BBA Certification for IPS Rubberfuse Waterproofing Systems and IPS Rubberfuse Single-Ply Waterproofing Systems. This to give consumer confidence particularly within the UK in that the Seller has their own Certification, confirming their commitment to the product.

So, who is Integrated Polymer Systems – IPS (UK)?

IPS have been in the Construction Industry for over 30 years. Over the years they have offered a variety of Roofing Services, the last and current being IPS Rubberfuse.

Their choice of Rubberfuse was supported by the products’ durability and environmental qualities. IPS started to sell their Rubberfuse Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane within the market to meet their own client demands, along with associated accessories for use on limited access exposed flat and pitched roofs, green roofs in flat, protected zero fall and pitched roofs, roof gardens and blue roofs in flat and zero fall roofs.

Since then, their Thermoplastic polyolefin ply membrane, meaning they do not have any volatile plasticisers. The TPO material can be fully recycled at end of its life cycle and all new material contains 10% recycled material.

The benefits of Working in Partnership with the BBA:

Integrated Polymer Systems (UK) understands the importance of a product that is fit-for-purpose. As an organisation, they rely on the credibility that underpins the solutions they offer, and therefore saw the BBA Agrément Certificate as a natural progression for the distribution of the IPS Rubberfuse Single-Ply Roof Waterproofing Systems in the UK market.

Understanding the market requirements, and expectations from those who use it, the regulations that govern its use, and the stringent product framework that surrounds roofing systems, the BBA was able to work with the IPS in providing a Agrement Certificate that supports the ongoing efforts by IPS that demonstrates product performance against the criteria for which it was certified.

“A BBA Agrément Certificate in our line of business is imperative for the customer to have the proven information of our products.” Peter Bowers, Director, Integrated Polymer Systems

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