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20 Nov 2020
Craig Mulcahy
Carlow Concrete is a market leader in water retaining precast concrete structures in both the United Kingdom & Ireland. Production at their state-of-the-art plant in the South East of Ireland is carried out using the most modern equipment and innovative methods.


Carlow Concrete needed an end-to-end scalable CRM system that would allow them to manage demand on their rapidly growing business all on one platform.

Key needs:

  • Replace the use of spreadsheets.
  • Manage Enquiries.
  • Manage Multiple Bid & Tender processes.
  • Automation of everyday tasks.
  • Report on KPIs.
  • Email integration.
  • Manage Irish & UK construction Data.
  • Track and Monitor Targeted Projects.


The CRM was implemented with the end result in mind and designed uniquely around the customer.

A Business Process Review was carried out with the Carlow Concrete management team. The first step was to migrate Carlow Concrete’s existing pipeline data into ConstructionBOS. Once imported, we removed all fields not needed and customised fields to match the everyday business language used by Carlow Concrete. A custom module was created, so Carlow Concrete could manage multiple bids and tenders against each project.

Customised email templates were created to allow brochures containing company and product information to be sent with a single click, on desktop, or by mobile.
Finally, custom reports were created to track quotations within a certain time period which could be broken down by the market (Ireland or UK). These initiatives saved a lot of time for the sales team – therefore spending less on repetitive tasks and report writing and more time looking after the customer to grow the business.

The Carlow Concrete sales team were initially subscribed to construction data that they managed on spreadsheets by manual input. This not only tied up sales time, but it also meant they could easily miss out on opportunities they should have been quoting for.

Our out-of-the-box integration (CBOS Fusion) with Barbour ABI meant we could provide an alternative automated solution eliminating these performance gaps. Construction projects can now be converted to opportunities with one click of a button, and projects can be delegated easily to other users in the system. It also eliminates any duplication effort.


"ConstructionBOS CRM has been an excellent fit for the team at Carlow Concrete. The flexibility of the system and support from the ConstructionBOS team has allowed us to streamline everyday tasks. The most useful functionality though has been the ease of tracking multiple quotations against our enquiries."

John O'Grady, Business Development, Carlow Concrete


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