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Aerial Photographer UK

01 Oct 2019
UK Aerial photographer aerial photography specialises in `works-in-progress` photography of construction and civil engineering projects using our fixed high-wing aircraft with pro Nikon DSLR cameras and very high-powered lenses to provide the very highest quality images with an attention to detail which cannot be equalled by drone photography.

Unlike drone photography, our photographers actually sit in the aircraft alongside our professional pilots giving a fabulous view of our clients projects and immediately able to capture unique images of your project.

Unlike some photographers who claim to be “aerial photographers” but whom undertake aerial work as a secondary service, actually specialises in aerial photography with the right kit, right aircraft and correct licences/permits together with the extensive experience of not only understanding construction projects, but how to expertly record them from the air.

We fly a regular monthly `Contract Run - North` operation covering, in a single flight from the Scottish Borders down to the Midlands


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