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Case Study: Experiential BIM and Digital Development

06 Oct 2020
Digital Construction Hub
“Keppie’s designers are always learning. We are always dreaming of a better future. We are always curious.”
David Ross, Keppie Design Director
This has been the case since we were founded in 1854 and has been at the heart of our successes to this day. That ethos has taken us from drawing boards, through CAD, and has driven us into the BIM and digital design age.
This presentation will make use of Keppie case studies to show that BIM skills can be developed through project immersion and open collaboration with the project delivery team and with the wider BIM community, if these experiences are then carried through to the company knowledge pool with learning opportunities and guidance. 
Our project examples will provide graphic examples and information.  These projects will range from early adoption of 3D modelling through to the latest digital campus involvement, and will provide practical examples of how training methods, procedures and policies were developed from challenge resolution.
Challenges such as IT changes, organisational engagement, staff reticence, technical ability, changing standards and the speed of industry take up will be investigated and solutions explained where they were developed, or acknowledged where they are still ongoing.
Diane Ramage , BIM Manager - Keppie Design
Building Tech
Energy & HVAC
Surface & Materials
Modern Methods Of Construction

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