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UK Construction Week

Careers Centre

Careers Centre

Building Your Career

Careers Centre will bring together tens of thousands of people working across this crucial and vibrant industry. The sector needs new talent and skills. The Government is committed to supporting the sector in this ambition through initiatives such as the Talent Retention Scheme and Talentview.

Careers Centre

The Careers Centre will provide a series of talks aimed at those interested in a career in construction, whether that be graduate, students in further education, or those looking at a career change. Employers will also be on hand to discuss careers paths and opportunities. Content will be produced with partners including the Talent Retention Scheme and Talentview, Building People, Tier 1 contractors and UKCW Role Models. 



Duration – 1 hour (including feedback on thinking)
MOBIE (Ministry of Building Innovation & Education) will soon be inviting young people across the country to imagine ingenious ways to upgrade homes to become more energy efficient, emit little or no carbon emissions, reduce the costs of heating and lighting, help protect ourselves against climate change and create affordable, functional, comfortable places in which to live.

mobie                bcu

This challenge will be about improving our homes, saving energy, saving finite resources, saving money and saving our environment. Everyone should be able to live in a home that is warm (and cool), healthy, affordable and energy efficient.

This short workshop introduces you to this Retrofit for a Future-fit Home design challenge.  We hope it will get your creative thinking started. We are asking you, in small groups, to consider some or all of the following questions – the choice is yours on which to focus on.  Think of these questions at both the individual home and neighbourhood level – because some actions are more effective when spread across many houses and places.

mobie          mobie2

Capture all your ideas on the paper provided and then prioritise the three most important ones to you.  They may be important because they will have the biggest impact, they are the quickest wins, or because you think they should be in every home.  At end of the workshop we would like you to share your ideas with the whole group for discussion and feedback.

1.  Think how you can address the inefficiencies in heating and cooling in existing homes and neighbourhoods to reduce our carbon emissions. How could can we achieve a significant reduction in energy use and carbon emissions. How would you improve a building’s fabric to achieve this?
2.  Can we adapt our homes and neighbourhoods to protect us against the impacts of climate change? Issues such as temperature extremes, drought and flooding have become more common. What are your ideas to modify homes in response to these changes?
3. Think about how we can use renewable energy sources in our homes to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. How can our homes generate or store power? How can they collect and use water efficiently? How could clean energy reduce monthly costs and help fight fuel poverty? 
4. What materials might you specify in a retrofit project? These could include non-traditional bio or plant-based materials, sustainable, locally sourced and recycled materials. What are the key criteria for a sustainable material to reduce carbon emissions and what advantages might they offer over traditional materials?
5. Could your retrofit designs support the natural environment by creating biodiversity and habitats for plants and animals? How would you include areas for planting, green roofs or walls in your home and neighbourhood?
6.  How could retrofit design projects improve and strengthen the surrounding community? How could a community focussed initiative bring together an entire street, block, or neighbourhood to help reduce our carbon /or adapt to the impacts of climate change?  

Thank you for taking part, have fun and good luck!  We will display your thinking in the workshop area, so delegates to UK Construction Week can see your ideas about how retrofit can make our homes and neighbourhoods future-fit.

Get free face-to-face advice at the Careers Centre

Explore our themed days and see what suits you

Explore our themed days and see what suits you

Day 1: 
•    School & College Leavers
•    University Graduates

Day 2:
•    Career Changers
•    Ex-Military
•    Educators

Day 3: 
•    General Careers

Meet & network with top employers

Meet & network with top employers

Have the opportunity to meet an array of different employers from this wide reaching sector - from architects, to house builders, contractors to building technologists. Take your pick!

  • Tier One Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Engineering firms
  • Construction Consultancies
  • Architectural firms
  • Housebuilders
  • SME building firms
  • Government Departments
  • Local Authorities
  • Major Infrastructure Projects
  • Developers
Discover the rest of the industry's innovations

Discover the rest of the industry's innovations

Celebrate the sector’s achievements and some of the best thought leaders and innovators construction has to offer with 300+ exhibitors, eight shows & sections and an Innovation Zone, to best set you up in this career.

  • Listen to careers advice from industry leaders
  • Meet Role Models in the sector - UKCW Role Models)
  • See some of the latest technology and innovation shaping the sector
  • Attend the UK’s biggest construction trade event
Play the Simulator

Play the Simulator

AccXel uses Tenstar simulators in a hybrid approach to plant training.  This allows AccXel to train aspiring plant operators to practise and refine their driving skills in a controlled, safe environment.  The technology offers a unique experience, simulating both ordinary and extreme situations without risking injury or machine damage, and further hone students’ skills.

The simulators also: 

  • Allow students to gain more hours of practice regardless of the weather.
  • Enable one teacher to train several students simultaneously. 
  • Leave minimal climate footprint compared to a traditional machine running on fossil fuels. 
  • Evaluates and scores each driver for safety, quality, and economy. They additionally give personalised feedback and areas of improvement, unique to the driver.

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