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The thematic scope of the magazine, divided into six major chapters, provides essential knowledge to managers, technologists, production chiefs, suppliers, traders and future employees in the industry. The information released in GPD is aimed to assist entrepreneurs and employees in developing their companies, increasing the competitiveness on the market, broaden their knowledge and awareness in the field of economy, law, finance, new technology solutions, and technologies applied in the timber industry. In addition, every issue of GPD comprises hundreds of advertisements from the suppliers of timber, materials, components, technologies and products. Everyone professionally involved in the industry will find a range of interesting facts in the fields of economy, management and technology. The readers of GDP are the first to know the newest products on the market and news from the competition. The magazine offers numerous reportages, interviews and opinions constituting a source of invaluable knowledge.


Periodical type: monthly
Circulation: 20,000 copies (the Drema issue 30,000 copies)
Number of pages: 64-128
Format: 290 x 420 mm

• Having the longest presence on the market among industry monthlies.
• Providing the most recent news in the field of the timber and furniture industries in Poland, Europe and the world.
• Specialist, as it is created by experts active in the industry for several years, by journalists reviewing problems faced by the industry, by technologists who worked in timber plants, by academics renowned in the country and abroad.
• Up-do-date, following the newest trends in the area of graphic design, the methods of delivering information, reader-friendly.
• Open to collaboration with business environment institutions, the State Forests, the Ministries of Economy and Environment, universities, chambers and associations.
• Responding to the reader

The readers of GPD are for the most part people professionally involved in the timber and furniture industries. The subscription is addressed to particular people mentioned by full name and position held.
Among thousands of our readers, the following groups can be distinguished:

• managerial staff in the timber and furniture industries
• timber technologists
• production chiefs
• employees of the divisions of trade, supply, purchase of raw materials, marketing, and projects
• designers
• research workers
• students of schools oriented towards timber and furniture industries
• construction entrepreneurs
• architects
• management of the General Directorate of State Forests
• foresters
• organisers of domestic and international fairs
• market analysts
• historic monuments restoration plants
• suppliers of machines, materials and components for the industry
• proprietors and workers of wholesale companies and stores providing products for the industry
• proprietors and workers of companies having a private woodworking shop
o shipyards
o producers of container bases
o companies manufacturing acoustic screens
o construction and finishing companies
o companies constructing fair stands and installations
• employees of state institutions
o ministries
o embassies
• representatives of industrial organisations
o chambers
o associations
o clusters
• and many others which, due to the readers

A professionals reference
Research has shown* that 86% of people involved in the timber and furniture industries read industry magazines covering subjects connected with their professional work. The majority consider them useful and even indispensable in conducting their business activities.
For many years on the top
Almost a half (43.6%) of the respondents ranked Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego the highest among press titles available on the market.

Effective distributions
Among the visitors of Drema and Furnica fairs who were asked about the industry magazines they received over 64% mentioned Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego. None of the competing magazines was above 31% threshold.

Leaders of opinion
70% of the owners of enterprises in the timber and furniture industries take into account information provided in industry magazines when making decisions on starting cooperation with a new supplier.

Important information
The owners of enterprises in the timber and furniture industries who read industry press use both information contained in articles (75%) and commercial advertisements (44%) and small advertisements (40%).

Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego
30 – stycznia 42
83-110 Tczew, Poland

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