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Next Generation Design Brum 2017 is the sister project of the the Next Generation Design Workshops which were started in London by group Scale Rule. Intervention Architecture, Arup, AKSward and Curtins were all invited by the team to set up a Birmingham strand of Scale Rule, and collaborate on providing workshops to local school children, to promote and encourage careers in design, construction and engineering. The focus of the workshops was to design (and build) a pavilion for Birmingham, which would form a central focus point for the Birmingham Weekender festival in September 2017.

For the workshop weekend carried out last June, students from years 9 and 10, came from schools all over Birmingham including: King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, King Edward VI Handsworth School, Langley Secondary School, Ninestiles Academy, Perry Beeches The Academy, Sidney Stringer Academy and St Paul’s School for Girls.

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The winning team, Team KEHVIS, consisted of 3 girls from King Edward VI Handsworth. There design was inspired by artist Barbara Hepworth. The design consisted of a dome like structure with a number of openings for access and light, focusing on natural shapes and forms.

From the weekend, our collaborative team put together an initial design model, progressing development for construction, of over 120 cnc plywood components. In delivery, the team with volunteers, built the structure over 2 days on site, for use as a ticket office at the Weekender festival.

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