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Each year the UK Construction Week provides its audience with a host of exclusives.

This includes its wide range of pavilions. These focal points of each show will display never-seen-before exhibitors coming from lands near and far including Turkey, China, Belarus, Poland, Latvia and fellow associations from the UK

Timber Expo

Timber Expo will welcome international exhibitors from Belarus and Latvian offering a wide range of products...


Making their debut, Belarus will be showcasing five major timber exporters. On the Belarusian stand you will find suppliers of wide range of sustainable materials, starting form hard and softwood, panels and construction materials (chipboards, particle boards, plywood, fiberboards MDF, cement particle boards etc.) to prefabricated and laminated veneer lumber houses. You will also be able to negotiate trading finance solutions for the benefit of the UK companies.


Click on the company titles below for further information.

  • Bank of Development of the Republic of Belarus

    Bank of Development of the Republic of Belarus – a unique bank in Belarus, which is providing long-term contracts financing solutions for UK companies (85% financing of the contract by the BDRB, which exceeds 1 mln. Euro, with the approximate annual interest rate of 1% for the period up to 5 years, in special cases – 10 years).

    Bank of Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus is the managing organization of the BD-Consult,  which controls the 9 key enterprises of wood processing industry and the Belarusian Forestry Company.

  • Bellesbumprom

    Unites the 47 largest public and private companies, producing a wide range of timber products. It is a nonprofit organization and is subordinate to the Government of Belarus.

    Products: logging, woodworking, furniture, pulp and paper production, wood treatments and preservatives.

  • Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE)

    Buce is the main trading platform, where the Belarusian timber products are sold on the domestic market and for export. 230 foreign buyers from 20 countries operate actively at the platform. 


    Wood round logs, wood raw material for production of cellulose or fuel timber, unedged hardwood sawn timber, unedged softwood sawn timber, edged hardwood sawn timber, edged softwood sawn timber, hardwood pallet sawn timber, softwood pallet sawn timber, wood fuel briquettes, wood chips.

  • JSC 'By Span"

    As implemented the largest investment project in Belarus of installment the state-of-the-art panels production lines. The plant's capacity is 250 thousand cubic m of plates per year. 

    Products: laminated particle boards, particle boards, water resistance particle boards and edges.

  • BD-Consult

    Controls 9 key enterprises of wood processing industry and the Belarusian Forestry Company as the affiliated trading company. BD-Consult is subordinate to the Bank of Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

    Products: MDF Fiberboards: thin, MDF/HDF sanded, MDF/HDF laminated, Thin MDF (hardboard) sanded, fiberboards, Particle boards sanded, laminated, Thin particle boards, Sawn wood: construction beam, pine dlued boards, joined boards, moldings, Plywood: Interior Plywood (FC grade), Exterior Laminated (FOF), Exterior Plywood (FCF), Lamellas

    Heat-insulating slabs, Safety matches and Laminated floors based on HDF.

  • Bellesexport

    Timber trading company under the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus

    Products: Roundwood, pulpwood, sawn timber, debarked wood poles, wood stakes, circular-shaped products, planed profile timber, mouldings, firewood, wooden pellets, turned products, wood chips, sawdust and briquettes.


    JLLC ‘CSP BZS’ are the single producer of cement-bonded particle boards (“CBPB”) in the Republic of Belarus. Сement-bonded particle boards is a new material widely used for construction of houses.

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