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New and Exclusive: MaterialDistrict Expo

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In less than five weeks time, Surface & Materials Show, as part of UK Construction Week, will host MaterialDistrict Expo- the world’s leading match-making platform in the field of innovative materials.

We are all aware of future themes in the building industry: sustainability, circularity, saving energy, as well as healthy environments, smart solutions, lightweight constructions and conceptual interiors. What materials will be vital for these themes?

MaterialDistrict selected 100 international materials, that show the important role of future materials in our built environment, for this special exhibition “Materials that Matter”. Materials on display will include lightweight composites, recycled plastic, engineered wood, natural materials like cork textile and bamboo façades, and new resources that were used to be called “waste”, like materials made of coffee ground or acoustic felt made of recycled denim. The expo will also show you acoustic solutions, smart interactive sunscreen materials and healthy biobased material sources.

“Materials that Matter” 

For exterior and interior use, with functional properties and aesthetic use: come and be inspired with all your senses, touch, feel and experience the building materials of the future; the materials that matter in every sense.

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Don’t miss out - be sure to find the latest products and inspiration in the world of architecture and design at the UK's showcase event for the latest surfaces and materials.

About MaterialDistrict:

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As the world’s leading network in the field of innovative materials, MaterialDistrict empowers global innovation by match-making material needs with material solutions. The MaterialDistrict network encourages joint innovation towards a better, more sustainable and higher quality society. MaterialDistrict will make sure that new material solutions will meet the needs of our worldwide network of R&D and design professionals.

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