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Kinetech Design’s Royal Approval Sculpture

Kinetech Designs Royal Approval 2 800x400

Royal Approval is the brainchild of Kinetech Design and its two founders: Balint Bolygo and Elod Beregszaszi who have merged their expertise in kinetic art, light sculpture and paper engineering and developed a design and fabrication process to make foldable structures in aluminium for applications in architecture, interior design and art. Kinetech Design’s Royal Approval is a sculpture that will become the amazing backdrop for the Surface & Materials Show Hub.

Kinetech Design explores how the art of Japanese paper folding - kiriorigami - can be applied to a foldable aluminium substrate. The combination of meticulous geometric design and material technology and hand folding allows an infinite variety of sculptural surfaces that can be expanded and collapsed as well as made into motorised/moving surfaces. The surfaces can be modularised to address large surface area coverage, as well as addressing various lighting and sun-control concepts for windows atriums. Kinetech design brings a tangible physicality to the digital aesthetic that envelops our daily lives. They create tactile, sculptural objects that mirror the pixelated geometric visual language of cyber-space.

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