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Stacy Hunte

Stacy Hunte

Co-Founder, Thoth London Ltd
Stacy has been instrumental in driving our UK-based Climate Tech Company towards a more sustainable and ESG-focused future within the construction sector. With a focus on creating viable solutions and transitioning to Net Zero, Stacy has worked closely with developers, investors and within large-scale green energy projects. We are proud to share that her efforts have been recognised, as we have recently signed with the Armed Forces Covenant and were honoured as winners of the Corporate Live Wire Global Innovation and Technology Award 2023. Thoth London’s Co-Founder, Stacy's dedication to sustainability has shaped our company's fabric-first approach and provided valuable insight into the challenges of implementing sustainable practices in the UK. Despite the difficulties encountered, Stacy's unwavering passion for our planet and commitment to overcoming challenges have made her an ideal role model for UKCW 2023. Through her leadership, her team is making a lasting impact on future generations and the planet. In sharing her knowledge and experiences, Stacy aims to inspire others to take informed and sensible action towards making a difference. Having first-hand experience in the construction industry, she understands the obstacles that come with implementing sustainable solutions. Stacy remains optimistic and believes that through hard work and determination, these challenges can be overcome, leading to greater diversity and progress within the sector. Stacy hopes to convey the importance of building a sustainable future for both the UK and the planet, inspiring others to join the cause. By demonstrating that sustainable construction is not only possible but necessary, Stacy aims to empower individuals to make a positive impact in their own spheres and contribute to a cleaner and more energy-efficient environment.

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