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Lauren Holland

Lauren Holland

Education Lead, Leica Geosystems

Lauren has recently come back from maternity leave where she has gone back full time and taken on a management role for the first time. It was a tough start for Lauren trying to balance both work and home life, but whilst this was the case, her department continued to do very well.  Lauren has introduced so many new strategies into her department where she has been able to save time through automation which has led to focus on other areas of the business. This has involved speaking to head office in Switzerland regularly and working with colleagues all over the world, going above and beyond. As well as her day-to-day work, Lauren chairs a young leaders committee for CICES (the only female led committee), is a STEM ambassador and Lauren frequently visits schools/colleges/universities to talk about construction and land surveying. Lauren inspires everyone she talks to and has/is hosting events for lectures of universities and colleges to help them reach more potential candidates and show them best practices with equipment. Lauren actually had a woman on LinkedIn tell her that she has been following Lauren since college and it really inspired her to carry on her career within the construction industry. Her true passion for land surveying and construction shines through whenever she talks about it, I believe Lauren is tomorrows leader, and should be recognised for her hard work within the industry. The rate of females who leave the construction industry after children is very high and Lauren has proved that it is possible to stay in an industry you love whilst balancing your home life 'a true role model.'

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