Smart Buildings 2017 exhibitor Lumineux discuss their latest innovations, explain what makes them stand out from the competition, and outline who they hope to meet at this year's show.

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Introduce your company.
Lumineux is part of B&T Associates, a family-owned and run business that has been providing high quality lighting solutions and excellent customer service for more than 30 years.
We are a UK-based manufacturer and distributor of own-brand, quality LED lighting products. Over the last three decades we have gained a lot of experience in LED Lighting and Power Supplies, this allows us to continually improve the service that we offer to clients who choose Lumineux.

Talk us through your latest innovations.
One of our latest innovations has been the introduction of our SMART Panel®, with built in Motion Detection and Daylight Harvesting alongside wireless remote control is the answer to any office or educational environment. The SMART Panel® communicates with an infrared signal and bounces the signal from the SMART Remote Control® to all panels in the room.

What makes your products/services stand out from the competition?
Along with being a market leading UK based supplier of all LED Lighting, we have all the service in the background which sets us ahead. Lumineux’s own in-house Lighting Design team is always on hand to assist a client when required with full Lighting Schemes, Lux Tables, PIR Layouts, Uniformity Calculations and many more at incredibly quick turn-around speeds.

Along with this all new products being realised by Lumineux are fully designed and tested within our Technical Department using LabSpion technology and our Long-life testing lab.

In short, many of our competitors will have similar products to us and we will have the same specs, but it’s the whole Lumineux package from start to finish that sets us apart from everyone else.

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How do you get from idea to finished product?
When we look at introducing a new product our Technical Team research the need for the product and how it would fit in our range. We then identify what customers would be most likely to use this product or have requested something similar in the past. When these results have been narrowed down we speak to those customers and ask for their feedback on our idea, if the feedback is positive we built a prototype of the product and test it with a selection of drivers and LED chips to see which combination preforms the best, this is tested using our LabSpion Technology.

Once we have done thorough testing of our prototype over a period of 14-21 days and the product has ticked all the boxes we then put 20 units in to Production and deliver these to our Product Testers and the previous customers which gave positive feedback, just to gain some more.

After all these stages have been completed the Marketing Team will design a new webpage, flyers, brochures, promotional material and a spread for our catalogue. The product will then be manufactured and we will begin accepting orders.

What projects have you been involved with that you are most proud of?
Lumineux has been involved in the LED Lighting industry for around 8 years now and this has been ever since the industry properly started to see huge growth. Around this time we were constantly being asked for a product that would be a solution for Industrial Warehouses and Factories etc.

We took this on board and developed our own version of a High Bay fitting which would be a perfect answer to this and as well be a perfect alternative to the Metal Halide and Son fittings. We developed our Lumineux HiCloud® over time and we are still adding options and functions to it now but ever since release it has been and continues to be our Flagship product.

Do you have any product launches lined up for UK Construction Week?
In terms of product launch, this will be the first Exhibition we will have a demonstration of the SMART Panel, so people will be able to see the full functionality of it and how it could improve their energy savings.

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Why did you choose to exhibit at UK Construction Week?
We chose to exhibit at UKCW as the 2017 Lighting Season is going to be a big one for Lumineux, with the launch of our new catalogue, website and exciting top of the range control systems; Lumineux plan to take an even bigger leap ahead of the competition!

What can visitors expect from your stand?
Visitors can expect to walk in and be greeted by one of our Lumineux Specifiers, whose role it is to demonstrate the exciting new range of controls and of course if you would like a Brand New 2017 Catalogue; be sure to grab one on your way out!

Who do you hope to meet at the show?
Now that we are about ready to go with our new products and new catalogue, which includes Trade Prices for the Electrical Contracting Industry, we hope to meet a very wide range of contractors who would be interested in our next level controls. We feel that meeting many different contractors would be very beneficial for us and seeing if they have any projects that would require out products.

What challenges does the industry currently face, how do this impact on your business and what are you doing to counter them?
One of the main challenges we feel in the industry is cost; Some End Users are struggling to see the advantages in comparison to the upfront costs of a full LED upgrade.

Luckily for us the way we have countered this is securing a deal with our new Finance partner to offer incredibly competitive finance and leasing arrangements for end users that would prefer to keep their cash in their bank. The best part about it is the Monthly/Quarterly payments will immediately offset against the clients energy savings.

Catch Lumineux at Smart Buildings 2017 (stand S325) part of UK Construction Week at the NEC Birmingham, 10-12 October 2017. Register now for your FREE ticket.

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