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Too much or not enough? How smart technology can solve our perennial problems with water

06 Oct 2021
Sustainability Hub
- Climate change means our Winters are getting wetter and our Summers drier, with shifts in weather patterns more volatile and increasingly difficult to predict. In May and June of last year, for example, the UK lurched from their driest to wettest ever recorded, within the space of just a few days. A growing population and our increasing demand for water means we are also consuming more water than can be sustained by natural supplies.

- The impact of flooding, drought and consequential pollution not just on human society but also on our environment and wildlife is already very evident to us. Our relationship with, and attitude towards, water must change.

- Using both historical and live data received from SDS SYMBiotIC™-enabled smart devices located at surface water management assets all around the UK, Neil will demonstrate how the application of innovative new technology can address and prevent the otherwise catastrophic impacts of extreme weather.

- Neil will show how smart technology is helping to achieve the twin goals of a safe, efficient drainage system and a secure and sustainable water supply, turning our problems with water to our advantage.

- With the media spotlight shining brightly this year on the frequency and extent to which untreated wastewater is being emptied into the UK’s rivers, streams and water bodies, and precious water resources are squandered, this is a topic that will resonate with many of the Show’s attendees.
Neil Sewell , Director of New Technology Services - SDS

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