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Setting up for Success – building business improvement

05 Oct 2021
Infrastructure Hub
LC International will demonstrate the benefits of setting up teams and projects for success at the outset, i.e. pre onsite commencement. We will explore the constituent elements which will deliver significant benefits in :
•Building programme certainty and driving betterment
•Reducing costs, eliminating waste and securing contingency
•Improving productivity, accelerating performance and building resilience
•Enhancing quality performance and Right first Time
•Reducing and managing risk & improving process safety
•Building lasting capability and developing high performing teams
•Driving sustainability goals and reducing carbon.

We will demonstrate the practical transition into action of the some of the various high level industry threads that are influencing the sector, for example Construction Quality Process, Value Toolkit and systems thinking.

We are experienced across the whole built environment, from clients through contractors into the supply chains giving us a perspective at all levels to demonstrate the impacts in any sector of these approaches, whether a refurbishment, new build, one off, long term programme or modular programme. A wealth of experience from other sectors includes Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear & Service so we are uniquely placed to draw on this blended with our Built environment experience.

Establishing the value propositions at the outset and the objectives, of all parties, is key to establish a winning set of principles which can be baked into the contract and ensure clarity plus provide an anchor of reference when we consider ‘’best for project’’.

This all starts with the engagement of the leadership - setting the vision and belief. All these elements are leadership led and the ‘’shadow’’ created by leadership needs to be reflected in what’s said, done, prioritised and measured. Setting up for success includes the development of the people involved in the Programme / Project delivery so the skillsets, toolsets and crucial mindsets are all aligned.

The integration of digital solutions is paramount, however this needs to be appropriate solutions to solve specific problems and with the supporting skillsets to take advantage of the opportunities provided.

Where does this stem from as an approach for an organisation? We need to build this into a winning competitive advantage for the organisation and therefore built into the Strategic direction of the organisation and linked to the business drivers, i.e. cost, profit and cash plus customer satisfaction, reputation building and achieving the overall long term sustainability goals.
Mark Worrall , Managing Director - Lean Construction International

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