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Engaging the front line in delivering high performing projects

07 Oct 2021
Infrastructure Hub

In fast-moving project dynamics where a high-risk environment is ever present, the ability of our front-line supervisors to rapidly create, adapt and sustain a strong team culture and behaviours is vital for employees and contractors. Mostly our supervisors are expert at getting the work done, while they have not been equipped to be highly effective in the leadership aspects of their role.

As front-line supervisors focus on getting the work done, their learned approach is typically to use compliance and direction as their only tool to drive performance. Whereas enrolment, engagement, listening and shared goals are now recognized as more powerful drivers of improved outcomes and safety in any team. ​Typically we have not spent time with our supervisors to learn how to implement, practice and master these essential leadership techniques in any structured way.​

The Why-based Positive Safety approach challenges these assumptions about our supervisors by providing them with a clear and structured leadership program built up of micro-training modules that fit into the challenging resource needs of any project. We have worked with a range of supervisors to select and design the most relevant and high impact skill topics (such as listening, effective communications, supervising safely under pressure). The development topics cover everything needed to be an extraordinary leader at the supervisor level using 45-minute learning groups with interim assignments. ​

Divided into experiential and certified levels from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each supervisor chooses their developmental pathway, supported by Performance Development conversations.​

At the end of the talk you will be given the key topics we cover for supervisor development in a high performing positive project culture and the introduction slide pack so that you can get started on your own projects.

This approach has been a key element to breakthrough performance for many construction projects, with history making safety performance and cultural results.         

Hugh Sullivan , Lead Consultant - WhyNot Partnering

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