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Dust Controls for Construction Tools

06 Oct 2021

This presentation describes the different lung diseases associated with breathing in dusts arising from construction activities, and crucially how to prevent ill health by adequately controlling exposure to these dusts

The different types of materials used in construction are described e.g. plaster, wood and silica based materials (such as stone, brick, and concrete). Tasks such as drilling and sawing these materials gives rise to dust which when inhaled may cause irritation, or more serious diseases such as asthma or lung cancer. 

The risk of ill health may be reduced to negligible levels by straightforward measures such as preventing dusty work in the first place by purchasing pre-cut materials. Controlling dust by wetting saw blades or applying on-tool exhaust ventilation are also described (all in conjunction with wearing a suitable respirator).

Russell Atkinson , Specialist Inspector in Occupational Hygiene - Health and Safety Executive

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