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08–10 OCTOBER 2019 | NEC | BIRMINGHAM Seminar Programme 2019


Game Changing Generation Technology to Reduce NOx Levels: How it Works in Practise

08 Oct 2019
Energy & HVAC Hub
- Hall 12
Energy / Renewable Energy

This seminar will introduce Capstone’s unique microturbine, the innovative technology behind SSE and Pure World Energy’s Semi-Permanent Power proposition and will explain why the microturbine could be the solution to significantly reducing NOx emissions emitted from onsite temporary generation. This unique technology emits 90% lower NOx emissions compared to a normal diesel generator and considerably lower than gas reciprocating engines. The microturbine’s green credentials are further reinforced by the successful trail of fuelling the units on Hydrogen yielding exciting results.

With just one moving part, no use of oil or lubricants and an untouchable maintenance cycle of 4,000 hours, the microturbine has been acclaimed by senior academics who recognise the technology’s key attributes and ability to generate cleaner, greener energy.     

Furthermore, the microturbine offers a modular means of meeting energy demand – enabling flexibility and an increased resilience without the need for back-up generation.  

Sean Fitzpatrick , CEO - Pure World Energy
SSE Enterprise

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