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08–10 OCTOBER 2019 | NEC | BIRMINGHAM Seminar Programme 2019


A New Way to Design and Build Primary Schools

08 Oct 2019
Modern Methods of Construction Hub
- Hall 9
Modern methods of construction

The SEISMIC consortium, funded by Innovate UK, comprises construction consultants Blacc, technology-led design practice Bryden Wood, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), and two of the UK’s leading offsite specialists, Elliott and The McAvoy Group. In an unprecedented collaboration, the partnership has  developed two pioneering solutions which aim to radically transform the delivery of exemplary primary schools, increase construction productivity, drive down costs and reduce lead times.

Around 100 new and replacement primary schools are needed every year in the UK at a cost of £5bn. This level of demand far exceeds the capacity currently available in the construction industry. The challenge is compounded by the general inefficiency of the construction sector compared to UK manufacturing. Every primary school construction project has a bespoke design, is procured individually and is delivered by a fragmented supply chain. This process leads to varying levels of quality, low productivity and increased risk of time and budget overruns.

This consortium has carried out extensive R&D to engineer a range of standardised offsite solutions for more efficient delivery of exemplary primary schools. This presentation will look at the innovations development by the Seismic consortium and the next stages.

Richard Crosby, Director - Blacc and project partner, Seismic Consortium - Blacc
David Clark , Manufacturing Director - The McAvoy Group

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