UKCW London: 7-9 May | ExCeL
UKCW Birmingham: 1-3 October | NEC

Offsite 2024 Seminar Programme

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    The recent government consultation on the eagerly anticipated Future Homes Standard may not live up ...
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    Step into the future of construction with our panel session, where we'll dive into the transformativ ...
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    Join us for a session unpacking the urgency of the housing crisis and exploring innovative solutions ...
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    The sector is changing, as we challenge traditional notions of success in the construction industry. ...
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    With the clock ticking, we will explore the urgency of reducing carbon footprints within the built e ...
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    Why are there so many failures of businesses within the construction sector, shedding light on the m ...
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    How to empower your business and develop the workforce needed for today and tomorrow's construction ...
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    Digitalisation is the missing piece to the transformation of the construction sector, in this sessio ...
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    Curious to delve deeper? Have burning questions about the industry? Join the Offsite Alliance board ...
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