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  • Leading Scottish housebuilder Muir Homes has opted for LPG from Calor to provide central heating and hot water for 79 new-build homes.

  • LM Wind Power are an international designer and manufacturer of wind turbine blades, helping to powe ...
  • A new report reveals that energy costs for new build rural homes fuelled by LPG are significantly less than properties running on electric boilers and comparable with other off-grid alternatives.


  • Nigel Furr from Buckinghamshire has become the latest homeowner to move his property away from oil-based heating to a renewable air source heat pump.

    • 41dBA only! The QUHZ is whisper-quiet
    • 180m sq. - home has a peak heat load of just 3.8kW
    • 4kW - Ecodan QUHZ utilises CO2
    • 5 bedroom home situated in Essex
    • 11kW Ecodan works with the existing gas boiler
    • £2000 previous paid per year on heating bills
  • For Mark Christian’s new-build home on the Isle of Man, he wanted an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heating systems that would also help reduce energy consumption.


  • This specialist ultrathin heating solution, Redheat, has been successfully installed in a converted ferry lifeboat which has now begun it’s 3,500km expedition to Tromsø, Norway, in the arctic circle.

  • A new report by Briary Energy, commissioned by Calor, reveals that housebuilders could save up to £500,000 on build costs on a typical 100 plot development if they choose to install LPG heating.

  • Introduce your company Redheat Solutions is a small team of technology enthusiasts dedicated to prov ...
  • Traditionally, the hotspots for property investors were always London and Manchester. However, 2018 ...
  • What is Rointe? Tell us about the company history. We are a professional company that specialises in ...

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