• “Logical has built a well-earned reputation for uncompromising attention to detail, as well as transparency, honesty and efficiency." Josh Greenway, Project Director
  • “This is an 24/7 business that often needs qualified and reliable personnel at very short notice – and that’s what Logical Personnel Solutions delivers." Craig Canham, Logistics Driver
  • “With extensive and broad industry expertise and high levels of customer service, it’s no surprise that Logical’s M&E client list is so impressive.” Luca Mitrea, Electrical Engineer
  • "Logical looks after us and as a result our construction teams are skilled, hard-working and highly adaptable.” Tudor Karachomakov, Construction Labourer 
  • Developed with a focus on style and aesthetics, the Urban Slatted Composite Panel achieves the ideal balance between the beauty and character of timber and the high performance of a modern, composite ...
  • In order to combat this decline, experts from Hedgehog Street (a joint campaign run by BHPS and PTES) suggest focusing on maintaining and improving suitable habitats for hedgehogs living in urban and ...
  • Birkdale has launched Commercial DuraPost® in response to increased demand for stronger commercial fencing, which has been demonstrated by the rise in RSJ metal sections or H section steel fence posts ...
  • The precision of CFS is important in the construction of mid-rise buildings as even the smallest of inaccuracies can cause undulation in the framing as the building grows taller.  
  • CONTAINEX, Europe’s leading supplier of mobile space systems, supplies construction, industry, trade, commerce and the municipal sector with high-quality space modules and offers on-site consultation.
  • Founded in 1943, Cruden Group is one of Scotland’s largest independent development and construction groups. Cruden Group has developed over 130,000 properties, working with local authorities, Register ...
  • This year at UK Construction Week Euro Towers will not only be displaying new products we will also have exclusive show only offers available to everyone who attends. Offers available on all our podiu ...

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