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X-TENDA™ Howick Ltd Telescopic Framing Technology

22 Mar 2023
Howick Ltd
Telescopic steel framing can be adjusted to fit the most uneven of spaces
Finally in-fill framing that always fits

Working with light gauge steel (LGS) has previously had its limitations but with our telescopic design, we have created the X-TENDA™ machine to produce a framing solution that is adjustable. Telescopically adjusted onsite with minimal use of power tools, they are light for safer manoeuvrability and much more accurate to square dimensions for cost-saving efficiencies through less reworked material wastage. Working with greater accuracy to install your wall panels in reduced time benefits the overall interior fit-out process by providing a truly straight wall to work with. And not just for walls, we offer solutions for bulkheads, soffit panels and double T flooring systems used in concrete flooring and external facades.

Suitable for: Internal non-load bearing walls, Bulkheads, Soffit panels, Refurbishments, Raked ceilings, Historical buildings, Contemporary abstract design buildings and facades, High-end shop fit-outs.

Special Features and Benefits

  • Reduced on-site wastage
  • Ability to accommodate the variations in the structure
  • Minimal site noise pollution due to reduced cutting of steel
  • System flexibility to allow on-site adjustments
  • Reduced on-site installation time
  • Easy installation
  • Low freight costs
  • Lightweight handling for staff
  • Swage formed for a flush finish
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